Hidden Circus

School of Dance and Circus, Stockholm University of the Arts

Music and Circus in Dialogue For the occasion of the 100th anniverssary of the Bauhaus Movement, CirkusPerspektiv has been commissioned by Bauhaus Dessau Foundation to create a circus performance. The project Music and Circus in Dialogue will be an opportunity for a group of circus artists and musicians to explores new relations between music and circus.    The global objective is to generate artistic expressions from a dialogical perspective and to explore and develop new tools that favor the emergence of abilities for collaborative processes.  The performance Music and Circus in Dialogue will  feature a group of circus artists and musicians, together they will interact through juggling, acrobatics, drums, keyboards and motion capture technologies. Inspired by the experimental utopian ideas of the Bauhaus movement and driven by this year festival thematics transformation and the color white, the artistic approach will explore an open-ended scenario where are developed visual and audible collective patterns, a type of transformative and responsive organic system.  We will develop the performance by using a series of compositional and improvisational methods developed in our previous projects  « Music in Disorder » (2016-18, Vetenskapsrådet), « Revoid Ensemble » (2015-16, Musikverket) and « Gynoïdes- Sound of Circus » (Uniarts, Musikverket 2015-16).  Music and Circus in Dialogue echoes the PhD project Circus as Dialogue conducted by circus choreographer/researcher Marie-Andrée Robitaille at the school of Dance and Circus, Stockholm University of the Arts.  The artists on stage include musicians and composers Klas Nevrin, and Ricard Osterstam, sound designer Hara Alonso, circus artists Florence Huet, Eduardo Cardozo and Ben Richter. The project is supported and in partnership with Bauhaus Dessau Foundation,  Nordic Innovative Juggling, Stockholm University of the Arts, Kristofferscenen, Kristofferskolan and Cirkusperspektiv.