Moving Across – Where Art Meets Science

Welcome to Moving Across, a place where you will not only learn about some exciting biomedical research being done in Stockholm, but also experience it through the eyes of both scientists and artists. Our goal is to provide a fun, informal and open-minded space for discussion of the value of science to our lives, and to explore its intersection with artistic forms, such as theatre, music, movement and design. At the end of the day, we hope you can understand why research matters and takes an important investment of public funds. Listen carefully and you will be able to discover the answer to some questions, such as: What do garbage collectors do in the brain?, What happens if our body fat is stored in the wrong place?, How do brain cells communicate? or What are biological solar panels?

Today we challenge you to go one step further and explore a crosstalk between science and art. Allow yourself to freely experience how your logical thoughts synchronize to the sounds and movement you will listen. Engage your creative side as you watch the original improv theatre performances you will be part of, and the intriguing art installations surrounding you!

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The work presented by Hara Alonso was a collaboration with two scientist from The Karolinska Institute, Eva Berg and Cecilia Morgantin. The research consisted on the sonification of scientific data. To do so, the scientific data (neuronal activity and gens’ expressions) was mapped into musical parameters by algorithmic systems.

The second presentation was together with the juggler Florence Huet. By the use of motion sensors the movement of the circus artist was captured and converted into numbers. Those numbers then were translated into sound by different computational processes.