Piano & electronics


Hara Alonso + Alba G. Corral at Facyl Festival 2021, photos by Alice Brazzit.

“Somatic Suspension arises from a meditative process of introspection and inward listening. By opening my own intimacy, this work attempts to translate various somatic experiences into the sonic plane to access a more sensitive composition. The sonic matter is generated through the exploration of gestural repetition in a continuum biofeedback. A ritual of acceptance of the immanent ranging from the negligible to the immeasurable, from the quietude to the ecstasy. 

The piano used, an electroacoustic Yamaha CP-70, is a rare instrument with a piezo pick-up system, outputs, a built-in equalizer and a tremolo effect. It’s unique sound quality invoked the overall atmosphere of the album, sustained like a winter forest covered by scattered golden leaves. The digital processes accompany the piano dissolving its pure sound into a mesmerizing superposition of layers and glitches. Intimate melodies, minimal electronic beats and teared textures merge together echoing the memory of an uncertain future.” 

‘The centre of the sun is empty’, created with a yamaha cp-70, various Supercollider filters and modular synth.