The City Composing

 “Cities are alive beings, organisms that integrate multiple expressions, playgrounds and sources of inspiration: the citizens, the geography of the city, field recording sounds…”

 “The City Composing” is a project that gives the chance to everybody to be a musical composer for one day involving non-musicians in the musical process creation.

    People have the possibility to write their ideas and listen to the creation afterwards in a concert where professional musicians will preform those non-professional scores.

During one month there are in different places around the city music notebooks and color pencils where everybody can write and draw music or text. After, this material is collected by Hara Alonso, pianist and composer that makes the rearrangement of the scores, composing a connection between the different ideas in the notebooks.

    The aim of this project is to make people active creators, not just mere receivers, and trigger interest in contemporary music. In the concert there will be a proyection of the scores with an explanation of the compositional process, how the composer took decisions, how was for the musicians playing the scores, etc. There is a didactic appoach so that contemporary music gets closer and more understandable to the audience.

    This project was developed by Hara Alonso and the members of the European Master CoPeCo, Contemporary Performance and Composition. This is an itinerant Master for 8 musicians from all around the world that during two years study in 4 different cities, one semester in each starting in Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon and finishing in Hamburg. This very special living circumstances were inspiration for this project as way of interaction with the cities and the citizens in an European context.

The notebooks are placed in different spaces of the city, giving the possibility to different kind of people to express their ideas. Mainly will be in the lobby of public spaces: cafes, libraries, schools, museums, churches, cultural centres…