16th February: Workshop ‘BODY AS EARS’ at MDT (Stockholm)


18th March: Solo piano at Sångbolaget (Stockholm)

26th March: ‘SOMATIC SUSPENSION’w/Alba G. Corral at Festival de Cine de Autor, (Barcelona)

12th April: ‘MATERIAL NARRATIVES, sound installation in collaboration with Irene Cantero & Karin Bjumström. Fylkingen (Stockholm)

17th-23rd April: Residency at MARC with Pontus Pettersson, Skåne (Sweden)

6th May: Concert at Tornet Ambient Club, (Stockholm)

3rd June: Scensverige Biennale at Dramaten (Stockholm)

15th June: ROSALES dance company/live music at SITE festival (Stockholm)

21st June: Festival ABYSSE at Handelsterminalen (Stockholm)


28th-8th September: Residency at Visby International Centre for Composers, Gotland (Sweden)


8th January: AV Performance Torbjörn Fernström & Hara Alonso, Sergels Torg, Stockholm (Sweden)

17th February: Duo Hara Alonso + Alba G. Corral at VANG festival, Madrid (Spain)

19th February: Sonic Landscape workshop, organised by Cuarto de Tono, Pozuelo de Aragón (Spain)

21-25th February: Artistic residency at Weld, ‘CLEPSYDRA’ sound installation in collaboration with Pontus Pettersson, Stockholm (Sweden)

25th February: Sångbolaget, free impro concert with Marcus Wärnheim, Per-Åke Holmlander och Casey Moir, Stockholm (Sweden)

6th-10th April: STRP Festival, Garden of Ghost Flowers in collaboration with Lundahl & Seitl + concert support for Felicia Atkinson x Florence To, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

4th April: ‘when there is only surface left’, dance performance by choreographer Oda Brekke at KJØTT, Bergen (Norway)

14th May: ‘SECUENCIAS’, composition for an abandoned mine in collaboration with trio ZUKAN, Sahelices de Sabero (Spain)

23- 28th May: ‘CLEPSYDRA’ sound installation at Weld, in collaboration with Pontus Pettersson, Stockholm (Sweden)

26th- 4th June: Contemporary Music residency and concert with the National Spanish Symphony Orchestra (JONDE), Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

13th August: Futureless Festival, Blivande (Stockholm, Sweden)

14th August: Malmöfestivalen, S:t Petri Kyrkan (Malmö, Sweden)

26th August: Euphònic festival, Auditori Sixto Mir, Terres de l’Ebre (Catalunya)

3rd September: ROSALES, Edsberg slott (Stockholm, Sweden)

5th-10th September: The City Composing Kaunas (Lithuania)

22nd September: ‘when there is only surface left’, dance piece by Oda Brekke. Festival Improspekcije, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, Croatia).

25th September: Live at Queer Art Fest, Terminalen, (Stockholm, Sweden)

23rd October: She Makes Noise festival, La casa encendida, (Madrid, Spain)

26th November: The City Composing Barcelona, Festival OUT·SIDE, in Arts Santa Mònica (Catalunya).

9th November: ‘when there is only surface left, dance piece by Oda Brekke. Dance Cooperative (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2nd December: Live at Nobel Prize Museum, (Stockholm, Sweden)

7th December: Elektroakustisk musik på Kungliga Musikhögskolan 50 år, KMH (Stockholm, Sweden)

17th December: Presentación ‘Revista de interior: procesos de isla’, SOLAR (Tenerife, Spain)


18th-29th January: Artistic residency in Subtopia with the circus project Ustopia (Stockholm).

12th March: Presentation of the collaboration with Saar Rombout for the Narrative Design course at SKH (Stockholm).

27th-28th March: Online Music Production workshop at Blivande Academy (Stockholm).

8th- 16th April: Artistic residency “when there is only surface left” with Oda Brekke, Maia Means and Lisa Schåman at Dansplats Skog (Sweden)

1st May: “Dans i radion” with ROSALES, at Cyklopen (Stockholm).

12th-14th May: Artistic residency at MARC with Pontus Petersson (Skåne, Sweden).

25th-26th-27th May: Sound advisor at “Affective resonances” multichannel audio/dance piece by Iris Nikolau, DOCH, (Stockholm).

28 May – 23 June 2021: Transmission from the Tail of the Hen (series) at Celsius Projects, (Malmö, Sweden).

27th of May: Online concert at the NEMI International Congress (Lisboa, Portugal).

3-6 June 2021: Transmission from the Tail of the Hen (series) at STRP, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

5 June 2021: Transmission from the Tail of the Hen (series) at Streaming Museum, NYC

12 June 2021: “Unknown Cloud Forming” by Lundahl & Seitl and Untold Garden at Celsius Projects, (Malmö, Sweden).

17th-20th June: “Rain Room”, Sound installation at the festival Water @ Weld in collaboration with Pontus Petersson, (Stockholm).

31st July: Live concert at Cinnamon series in Frihamnstorget (Stockholm).

16-29th August 21: Artistic residency in WELD with the dance project “when there is only surface left” + performances the 27th, 28th and 29th (Stockholm).

2nd, 3rd, 4th September: “Koreografisk intervention”, soundtrack for the dance company ROSALES at Tegelscenen (Stockholm)

6th-12th September: “My Wild Flag” Dance festival. Sound technician (Stockholm).

13th-18th September: “THE CITY COMPOSING GOTHENBURG” with the ensemble Mimitabu in collaboration with Levande Musik, Musikverket, Göteborg Stad and Göteborgs Stads jubileumssatsningar (Gothenburg, Sweden).

7th October: Hara A+Alba G. Corral, Live music & visuals at the Facyl Festival, Salamanca (Spain).

13th October: Live concert at Skaiv at S:t Peter Kyrka (Stockholm).

28th October: Lundahl & Seitl present Unknown Cloud Forming, at KØS, Denmark.

18th December: Hara Alonso+Alba G. Corral at KEROXEN festival in Tenerife (Spain).


13-24th January: Artistic Residency- Keroxen (Tenerife, Spain)

21-22th January: Taller de creación sonora. CAAMSonora, Museo de Arte Atlántico (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

24-25th January: Taller de cuentos sonoros, Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC) y Escuela de música de Villafranca de los Barros, Festival de Música Actual de Extremadura (Extremadura, Spain).

31st January: Vinylessencer, multisträngar och avfallssampling på Fylkingen, Hara Alonso+Jonás de Murias (Stockholm, Sweden).

15-16th February: MATMO (La Tribu Performance Co.) at Cirkus Mania (Stockholm,Sweden)

12th April: RUIDO VIRICO organised by Audioatalaya. Solo piano and electronics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX8AaVrOIUk

20th April-15th May: THE CITY COMPOSING in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with the ensemble GEAM.[ POSTPONED ]

18-30th May: Los sonidos de la escuela rural, Fundación Antonino y Cinia, Cerezales del Condado (León, Spain). [ POSTPONED ]

24th April: Album release from Moljebka Pvlse . This anniversary publication consists of a double CD comprising the albums Heaven’s Great Dome and Discourse on Deconstruction. Performed by Hara Alonso, Isabel Del Toro Fogelklou and Fredrik Mathias Josefson.

20th-31st July: Artistic residency “In Shadow” directed by Dea Wang. Centro Coreográfico, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

29th July: Online workshop on storytelling and sound art. Festival Ensems (Spain)

5th-6th 13th-14th September: Online workshop in Sound Production. Festival Prisma (Panamá).

6th till 20th Sep: Artistic residency in Sala, “UStopia” organised by Vastmanlandmusiken (Sweden).

19th Sep till 4th Oct: “Circus meets visual arts: Exhibition + Sound Installation + Multiversum” CIRKUSPERSPEKTIV. Gävle Konstcentrum (Sweden).

26th Sep: KAJKO Festival in Sätranaturreservat (Sweden)

22nd Oct: Alliances and commonalities artistic research conference “SLOW CIRCUS” by CIRKUSPERSPEKTIV (Sweden).

6th-13th-20th-27th November: Taller de cuentos Sonoros Futuristas. Festival HER, Canarias (Spain).

12th December: Fylkingen’s Ljus Fest 2020 (Stockholm)


27th March: Pianoïse at Fylkingen. Agnes Mercedes album release (Stockholm-Sweden).

10th May: Dúo Presencias at Fylkingen (Stockholm-Sweden).

20th- 31st May: Los sonidos de la escuela rural. Fundación Antonino y Cinia, Cerezales del Condado (León-Spain).

20th-28th June: THE CITY COMPOSING in Brussels-Ixelles.

11th-15th September: Festival STAGE TOTAL . Circus and Music in Dialogue
A live improvised Circus and Music piece part of the Bauhaus Centenary (Dessau-Germany).

3-13th October: Prisma Festival– MATMO, circus piece with La Tribu Performance Co. (Panama City-Panama)

24th November: Arts & Science Dissemination Conference. Organised by Karolinska Institute (Stockholm-Sweden)

30, 1st December: La Escucha Errante Festival (Bilbao-Spain)


27-28th January: Music Production Workshop at Noden (Nacka, Stockholm)

7th-18th May: Residencia artística con la orquesta Juventudes Musicales de León y el proyecto “Los Sonidos de la Escuela Rural. De la escucha activa a la creación colectiva” dentro de la convocatoria  “Claves. Jóvenes músicos en residencia en escuelas, colegios e institutos públicos” de la Fundación Daniel & Nina Carasso para llevarse a cabo en el C.R.A. Ribera del Porma (León).  Fundación Antonino y Cinia, Cerezales del Condado ( España)

29th May: Agendum 4 “The Pignon Agenda”, Fylkingen (Stockholm, Sweden)

1st June: Solo piano at Improv Sessions @ Museum of Impossible Forms (Helsinki, Finland)

20th June: Piano & electronics concert. Castillo de la Luz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

21th June: Release concert “Pianoïse” # Sello Keroxen # Lanzarote (Spain)

19th-21st October: MontMusic Festival, Santa Maria de Palautordera (Barcelona-Spain)

3rd November: Festival Keroxen, Tenerife (Spain)

28th November: Concert Release, “Pianoïse”, FYLKINGEN, Stockholm (Sweden)

17th December: Encuentros Sonoros de la Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM, Madrid (Spain)


15-22 January: Artistic residency in El Tanque espacio cultural: “Desvistiendo códigos. Danza sonora y poesía visual” Tenerife (Spain)

21st February: Solo electronics at ImproTest, Tallinn (Estonia) https://www.saal.ee/et/performance/4582 

4th March: “Burning man week Stockholm”, (Sweden) burningmanweekstockholm.se

10th March: “Lamour STHLM” at Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden) http://www.lamour.se/2017/03/09/lamour-sthlm-march-10/

2nd-8th April: “Moondogs”A Circus Opera/ Robots, Aliens, and Human Sex Slaves. Created by Leilani Franco. Berlin (Germany)

23-29th April: Artistic residency at NUMA Circuit, Tenerife (Spain) http://numacircuit.es

5th May: “Lamour STHLM” at Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

3rd June: “NEXT TO NOTHING” workshop-performance in collaboration with Yolanda Alonso Bothén. Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

7th June: “Homenaje a Juan Hidalgo”, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

22nd July: “Islas sonoras”. Exposición de Arte Sonoro en Canarias. CAAM, Las Palmas de G.C. (Spain)

8th September: Lamour STHLM/ Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

16th September: PUSH festival – Sound Quartet in Gävle (Sweden)

23th October: CirkusPerspective. Dome of visions- KTH. Stockholm (Sweden)

27th October: Lamour STHM/ Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

9th Nov: “Pianoïse” at Sound of Stockholm Festival. Scenkonstmuseet, Stockholm (Sweden)

30th Nov: FRIM på Fylkingen #1, Stockholm (Sweden)

1st Dec: Agendum 3: Patterns à cinq- Paul Pignon Agenda. Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

12th Dec: Cybernetic Gamelan Future Automaton – a project by Andreas Dzialocha, Fylkingen, Stockholm (Sweden)

19th Dec: “Pianoïse” at teatro el Albéitar, León (Spain)

30th Dec: Dúo Victor Barceló + Hara Alonso, Museo canario, Las Palmas de G.C (Spain)


11th December: solo piano and electronics at Noden, Stockholm (Sweden)

29th November: Chamber music concert: “La ciudad escuchada” pieces from Canary composers. Fundación Mapfre. Las Palmas (Spain).

21st November: Charla-concierto “El cuerpo como interface sonora” dentro del Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica, Vanguardia y Arte Tecnológico ‘Punto de Encuentro Canarias’. Tenerife (Spain)

2nd November: Performance with Ana Cendrero, Festival de Poesía de Las Palmas de G.C (Spain)

28th October: Solo electronics, “Homenaje a Clara Muñoz”, CAAM, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno,  Las Palmas de G.C (Spain)

21st October: First Prize in the Music Composition Prize Martín Chirino 2016 with the piece “La confluencia infinita del infinito” for flute, violin, piano, percussion and electronics, Las Palmas de G.C (Spain):http://www.fundacionmartinchirino.org/noticias/hara-alonso-becares-gana-el-concurso-de-composicion-musical-martin-chirino-con-la-obra-la-confluencia-infinita-del-infinito/ 

3rd  September: Final CoPeCo presentation in Kampnagel  inside the 13th Sound & Music Computing Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

15th July: Brutkasten festival, solo electronics: Trashcomputermusic. Hamburg, Germany.

14th July: playing at Anachronism 021# in MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, Germany.

7th July: The City Composing Hamburg. Ligeti Saal,  Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany.

23 June: Duo Carmen Ojeda, flute & Hara Alonso, piano. Fundacion Mapfre Guanarteme, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España.

29 March The City Composing, Saal Varése, CNSMD Lyon, France

15 March: Maison de la dance, solo piece “piano sans piano”. Lyon, France

12 March  Lyon by CoPeCo – Biennale GRAME – TNG in link with the main theme of the Biennale « entertainment » , Lyon, France

22th February: Solo piano & electronics. Teatro El Abéitar, León, Spain.

20th February: Solo electronics, TESLA FESTIVAL, León, Spain. 

10th February: Concert in Fabrica La Isleta, Hara Alonso, piano & live electronics + Dana Indane, voice. Las Plamas de Gran Canaria, Spain

10/12 February: teaching Improvisation workshop in the Conservatory of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, promoted by PROMUSCAN, the association of Canarian Composers.


11 December: Solo electrónica, Maison CoPeCo, Lyon, France

18 December: Duo Carmen Ojeda, flute & Hara Alonso, piano and live electronics, in Auditorio del Sauzal, Tenerife (Spain)

17 November: Dana Indane, Sergio Castrillón & Hara Alonso, concert in Riga, Latvia,  Kanepe Culture Center

19-27 November: Audiokinetica, ¨Mechanical piano¨ in Kuulturikatel, Tallinn, Estonia.

2 to 6/7 Nov CoPeCo at City Library in Lyon

25 Sept “Welcoming CoPeCo” in Lyon

6-17 July: Choreographers and Composers Lab Phoenix Dance Company in Leeds (UK)

20-27 July: Improvisation workshop in Amsterdam with Kate Duck.

27th July: Improvisation jam concert in Fabrica La Isleta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

26th May: The City Composing Stockholm, Royal College of Music Stockholm

28 April: Solo Piano/Keys/Electronica in the Royal College of Music Stockholm

18 April: ljudOljud festival, Audiorama (Stockholm) premiere of the electroacoustic piece “What fish hear”.

16, 17 and 18 january: Audiokinetica, Ciclotron. Александринского театра, San Petesburg.

18 january: solo piano concert in Experimental Sound Gallery, San Petesburg.

10 january: The City Composing concert in KUMU Art Museum with CoPeCo ensemble.


21 december: Solo Piano Concert. Concert Hall Estonian Academy of Music.

5 december: Music from a sketch, graphic scores concert with CoPeCo ensemble. Estonian Academy of Music.

19 november: Free Improvisation concert at Philly Joes jazz club “improosakond”.

21 october: Free Improvisation concert at Philly Joes jazz club “improosakond”.

29 october: Concert of Trio “Les Garçons” (Emilie Girard-Charest, cello, Carla Genchi, voice and Hara Alonso, piano) in Opera Studio (Music Academy).

16 november: Concert Orquestra Primavera, creative improvisation conduction; St. John Church (Tallinn).

26 september: Autumm Festival, CoPeCo ensemble. Estonian Music Academy Concert Hall.

19 september: opening of Vaba Lava Teater (Telliskiviloomelinnak 60) with Audiokinetika group (Tallinn).