‘SOMATIC SUSPENSION’ released in Eotrax 2021

An examination of detachment and stillness. Full of unease. Deeply personal‘, A closer listen

 ‘Gloomy bubbling electronic power ambient’, Boomkat

‘Superbe’, Silence and sound

“Francamente uno de los mejores discos que han pasado por este espacio en los últimos tiempos, maduro y bello”, Fuido Rosa-Radio 3

“Somatic Suspension” arises from a meditative process of introspection and inward listen. By opening my own intimacy, this work attempts to translate various somatic experiences into the sonic plane to access a more sensitive composition. The sonic matter is generated through the exploration of gestural repetition in a continuum biofeedback. A ritual of acceptance of the immanent ranging from the negligible to the immeasurable, from the quietude to the ecstasy. 

The piano used, an electroacoustic Yamaha CP-70, is a rare instrument with a piezo pick-up system, outputs, a built-in equalizer and a tremolo effect. It’s unique sound quality invoked the overall atmosphere of the album, sustained like a winter forest covered by scattered golden leaves. 

The digital processes accompany the piano dissolving its pure sound into a mesmerizing superposition of layers and glitches. 

Intimate melodies, minimal electronic beats and teared textures merge together echoing the memory of an uncertain future.” 

released March 5, 2021 

Written & produced by Hara Alonso. 

Mastered by Dominic at Declared Sound. 

Artwork by Néstor Torrens. 

Design by Goldmoth Media.

Artwork by Néstor Torrens

Pianoïse, released by Keroxen 2018

Pianoïse is the space where piano and electronics merge. An exploration between the harmonic and the atonal, the rhythmic and the textural.

The result is a sonic dance moving around the piano timbre extremes, sometimes tender, sometimes violent. Beyond genre, the sound palette is wide and eclectic, with elements of contemporary music, dance electronic and noise.

All compositions by Hara Alonso, piano & electronics

Mixed by Hara Alonso in Elektronmusikstudion EMS (Stockholm)

Mastered by Pau Paredes in Estudio Fluxus (Madrid)

Illustration by Lia Ateca.

Petites pièces pour piano preparé

Petites pièces pour piano preparé is a collection of short improvised pieces played in a plastic/metal/glass/screws/wood prepared piano. Each track is a little atmosphere full of polyrhythms, irregularities and regularities. 

Recorded in Lyon in studio Sonvs, in December 2015

Nowhere in between

Nowhere in between is where I composed these pieces. 
Made using TidalCycles, Max/msp and my own voice.