Pianoïse is the space where piano and electronics merge. An exploration between the harmonic and the atonal, the rhythmic and the textural.

The result is a sonic dance moving around the piano timbre extremes, sometimes tender, sometimes violent. Beyond genre, the sound palette is wide and eclectic, with elements of contemporary music, dance electronic and noise.

All compositions by Hara Alonso, piano & electronics

Petites pièces pour piano preparé

Petites pièces pour piano preparé is a collection of short improvised pieces played in a plastic/metal/glass/screws/wood prepared piano. Each track is a little atmosphere full of polyrhythms, irregularities and regularities. 

Recorded in Lyon in studio Sonvs, in December 2015

Nowhere in between

Nowhere in between is where I composed these pieces. 
Made by TidalCycles, Max/msp and my own voice.