Field recordings in Skogs Kyrka

During April I was doing an artistic residency with 3 amazing dancers in a super special place, a church converted into a dans studio. This place, Skogs Kyrka (the church of the forest) is in between Bollnäs and Gävle, a very tiny and cute area next to a big lake. Almost everyday after working I’d take my zoom H5 and go to fish sounds. On of the first days I got to listen the amazing sound of the lake melting. It was sunny and the ice melted very quickly creating a sparkling sound. Unfortunately that very day I didn’t have my recorder, so the following day I run there to get that sound. It was gone. The weather was different, there was a lot of wind and the sound had disappeared. Sometimes magic happens and is not intended to be recorded. Well, I share some field recordings of the forest’s birds, which is also quite beautiful.

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